Shamans Garden - This is a POSITIVE REVIEW


this website offers generous help and does a great job on my levels

I would however suggest that they do something about their online chat

they seem like they are talking in a foreign language or just don't really know how to help the customer that wants a detailed response

overall im sure they mean well, and im happy with their generous offers, but if they want to improve from a B-rating to an A-rating I think they should get more in-depth representatives to work the 'chat now' feature of their website

so yeah, hats off to them in a lot of ways, I just wish they would hire better chat reps

Review about: Customer Service.

Shamans Garden - Very poor customer service


Their customer service reps on their "online chat" feature don't seem to know a single thing about their products

To allow young, interested customers to purchase their products without even having a knowledge of what the effects are going to be is irresponsible and undoubtedly can help attribute to psychiatric lock-ins upon other very unfortunate effects

They need to know what they're selling and at least have a general idea of what kind of effects the plants might have on their interested users. The human body and the human mind are very delicate and fragile things, if they don't know what they're selling why are they so *** popular

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